August 18, 2023
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We live in a digital world. Internet and social media platforms won’t go away – they’re here to stay. And further more they continue to grow in numbers. Business of today teaches us that EVERY BUSINESS needs Internet presentation of its own. If your business is here to stay then even more. Online presence is necessity. Why? It’s simple. Nowadays we can access Internet from almost any device, connection and Internet speed are better than ever and let’s face it, we all love comfort of home. To buy things we need from our chairs, armchairs or even bed is not a luxury any more. Why isn’t?! Because there are 1 billion websites out there, 70% of them built in WordPress, 80% of them sell something. If your business have no online presence, competition will overrun you. After a day of hard work, people don’t have any strength left to go shopping, so they come home, have dinner, relax and shop online things they need.

Online shopping is the thing in today's digital worldJust imagine a situation, you and I are selling the same goods. You have online shop and I don’t. Who’s going to sell more? You cover every point of the Earth and your business website’s working for you 24 hours per day EVERY DAY, promoting your business continuously which means that your products and services are available all the time. And on the other hand, there is me, selling my products from 9 to 5 only during week days, in a small shop, running my business locally.

Charming, but would my business survive today’s tough competition who’s advertising all over?! The answer is – only if I have unique goods, innovative and desirable to make people crave for it, to wait over a weekend, until next Monday.

Would it be worth it?! I only can hope so!


Having retail shop is not enough in a digital worldPeople will always search for your business on a Google FIRST, then come social media’s accounts. Social platforms help us connect with our audience on an everyday basis. Posting meaningful content consistently and continuously, making strong bond with your audience, elevate things up. It allows us to reach new clients because your followers aren’t the only people who are interested in what you do.

There is whole world of potential clients who don’t even know your product or services exist. Let them know you’re THERE! Make that step forward, post stories and reels on Instagram, videos and photos on Facebook or make your own strategy which will lead to success!

Advertisement spices things up. Initiate campaigns on social medias and Google or hire a digital marketing manager who you can rely on, who understands things deeper and knows how digital world function in a proper way. With that you put things on a next level. First three months are the most difficult to handle. A person should be patient to see results. Nothing happens over night. You know the famous quote ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ which says us – it takes time!

Good luck with your growing business!

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