Simalanga Africa Travel

Simalanga Africa Travel

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Moses Kihomwe, managing director of Simalanga Africa Travel, was born and raised in a typical farming village about 1000 kms away from Arusha, in southern Tanzania. He attended elementary school at the village before moving to Arusha, where his cousin was residing, for further studies.

After working tirelessly as safari guide for over 23 years in the field, spending much of his time in the wilderness, experiencing the natural beauty of Tanzania, he concluded that it is one of very few countries in Africa filled with such diversity of wildlife, culture, beautiful landscapes, beautiful and very friendly people.

Through his long experience and expertise, he strongly believes his company will operate differently.

Moses also poses vast knowledge about people, culture, religious freedom, environment, lifestyle, flora and fauna, and every other aspect of his country and Africa as as general.

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