Close Your Eyes And Find Some Calm – Meditation Retreat Chele Chele Villa

March 29, 2024
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Close Your Eyes And Find Some Calm – Meditation Retreat Chele Chele Villa

Dear beautiful soul, is meditation part of your regular spiritual practice? If so, would you mind diving into a new adventure in the heart of East Africa? Near Cradle of Life itself, there is a Retreat of Chele Chele Villa. Regardless if you’re a beginner or at the advanced level, Chele Chele villa opens its doors for the guests from all over the world. For those who seek exquisite venue for transformative experiences in Yoga, Wellness and Team – building, this extraordinary Retreat is a haven!

A ‘Dream Comes True’ Meditation Retreat

Close to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Chele Chele Villa takes a significant place in Tanzanian tourism and tourism of East Africa nowadays. With its 17-acre property of beautiful flower gardens, enchanted forest and numerous walking paths, the Meditation Retreat is a ‘dream comes true’ for group or individual activities.

Above all this, a refreshing and elegant swimming pool offers relaxation and rejuvenation whenever you wish!

A brilliant design of the covered Yoga Shala inspires while invites you to reawaken your mind, body and soul. Additionally, it is equipped with all of the necessary props, allowing you uninterrupted sessions throughout a day. Given that up to 16 participants can enjoy together in Yoga classes, meditation practice and team – building activities, there is no match for this extraordinary space. Basically, at Chele Chele Villa, you can have all – a perfect escape and undoubtedly reviving adventure.

Hospitality in the first place

While respecting your privacy, the staff effortlessly takes care of you, with dedication and ease. Therefore Chele Chele Villa achieves a perfect balance for the benefits of its guests.

Especially important are culinary arts of Chele Chele Villa’s master chefs. They craft culinary experiences able to please even the most discerning individual.

So, if you prefer vegan, vegetarian, kosher or halal, the Retreat’s chefs are capable of meeting your specific needs.

The Chele Chele Villa is an idyllic basis for safaris, day trips and cultural excursions, giving you the best that Tanzania has to offer!

For additional information do not hesitate to contact The Chele Chele Villa Transformation Retreat.

TZ: +255 784 990 810

NL: +31 649 67 2727

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