3 MISTAKES that prevent you from selling your BEST SAFARI OFFER

November 25, 2023
Saturday November 25th, 2023 Zel

3 MISTAKES that prevent you from selling your BEST SAFARI OFFER

People in tourism industry tend to give the best they can in order to have the perfect SAFARI OFFER for their potential clients. And that is exactly how it should be. These 3 mistakes, that you can read BELLOW, are little guidance to help you SELL more SAFARI OFFERS and have more satisfied clients who will not only come back to have their perfect SAFARI holiday again but to recommend to their family, friends, colleges and whole world THE BEST SAFARI Company which allowed them to have their dream vacation. And satisfied CUSTOMERS are the best advertisement possible!

Best safari Offer 1. NOT INVESTING ENOUGH TIME and ENERGY in writing your BEST SAFARI Itinerary DESCRIPTION

When writing your SAFARI OFFERS make sure to include all necessary details in your ITINERARY description. When you sell dream vacations always include adjectives that will describe, in the best way possible, magical destination people are going to visit. So, your clients know what to expect. They want to read more about magnificent places with relevant information, of course. And if you have them, please make sure to include REVIEWS. For potential client is easier to make a decision to buy your offer when know that other people have the best time of their lives on the same or similar safari holiday.


Posting on Social Media Platforms is great but you have to show up for yourself on regular basis. That doesn’t mean you should post daily. It rather means you should post CONSISTENTLY. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 2-3 times per week. Algorithm loves CONSISTENCY and want to know what can expect from its users, especially WHEN you’re going to show up and serve your audience. But the problem occurs when the followers of a Safari Company’s business accounts are fellow countrymen and NOT actually POTENTIAL CLIENTS who would buy your offer. In that case PAID ADVERTISEMENT must be included to help you reach your new clients.


When setting ads for SAFARI Companies, web designer creates landing page to be visited by all of your potential clients who express interest for what you’re selling. That actually means that a potential buyer of your offer clicks on your ad and automatically be redirected to a specific page, specially created for this purpose on your website, by your web designer. And this page, called LANDING PAGE, MUST INCLUDE the best offers you have! Not only people with low budget will show interest for your SAFARI itineraries. That actually means that you must have an offer for everybody’s pocket – SHARED and PRIVATE SAFARI tours must be included! With enough relevant information for your potential clients to instantly cause DESIRE in their hearts to come and visit the beautiful dream destination presented in your offer and have the best time of their lives.



With these 3 little mistakes explained, we hope that we helped you with writing your BEST Safari Proposals ever.

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