7 February 2012
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Wordcloud watch uses E-ink to display the word cloud of current time

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Cory from United States is fetching heavy inspiration from cloud computing. The designer has come up with an amazing watch, named Wordcloud, which is a true example of the influence of internet culture in the modern day world. Wordcloud will be perfect for the tech savvy generation that cannot imagine a single day without being connected to the web.

Wordcloud watch uses creative typography

Wordcloud watch uses creative typography

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Wordcloud watch uses creative typography
Wordcloud watch by Cory

As the name suggests, the cool watch uses E-ink and displays the time/date in a word cloud way, which manages to arrest instant attention. Wordcloud watch generates attractive patterns that form a beautiful display. The arrangement will keep changing, thanks to the various patterns created by the world cloud software. It is light in weight and comes draped in simplicity. The design further gets accentuated by the presence of a semi gloss polyurethane strap. Hours and minutes are exhibited in an exceptional way, which gives it the essence of cloud computing. Lower case hyphenated words or phrases (like quarter till and half past) depict the minutes, while caps words are used to display the hour.

The wristwatch puts on show a ten minute time segment. The largest cloud present on the watch denotes the current time and is very easy to read. Apart from this, there are smaller clouds present which symbolize five minutes into the future and four minutes in the past. If you get bored staring at the same font day after day, then connect the watch with the help of a USB and upload new fonts. This endows a user with the flexibility to savor a range of cloud combinations. Wordcloud watch comes with a long battery life and is definitely unique.

Via: Tokyoflash

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