7 March 2012
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Vestel Assist makes life easier for amateur kitchen kings and queens

Shallu Sharma:

Technology has benefited almost innumerable areas of human life. Why not then reap the efficiency and versatility of this excellent man made device in the most basic and vital activities of everyday living? Yes we are talking about modern conveniences in the kitchen, the device which could make life easier for the kitchen kings and queens. To put it crisply and briskly much like our modern hi tech kitchens, introducing technology in kitchens would make them truly user friendly. The project we are about to discuss here is based on the same idea.

Vestel Assist

Vestel Assist

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Vestel Assist
Vestel Assist by Begum Tomruk

The project named termed as “Vestel Assist” was undertaken by Begum Tomruk in collaboration with Vestel Electronics and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University to create an extra ordinary kitchen control system. The prototype was an eye candy in International Consumer Electronics Fair, IFA Berlin in 2011. The basic idea of this project was to create a kitchen centered home with smart kitchen appliances and systems connected with each other. The connections are made to make appliances communicate with one another for which customizable product family, specialized kitchen counter and built in kitchen appliances need to be designed.

The device offers features like food information, recipes and data sharing, imaging, communication, audio system, etc. It is a blend of various technologies that work together to take charge of overall kitchen activities. The Assist looks like a simple screen that stays fixed to its charging module with the help of magnets hidden under its surface. Apart from the specialists, those who just don’t know how to work their way around a kitchen, Vestel Assist can make life easy for them by placing them in the lap of convenience.

Source: Begumtomruk

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