27 April 2012
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Mobilysis makes living with kidney diseases easier

Asmita Prasad:

Living with kidney diseases that require patients to undergo dialysis several times a week is certainly not easy. The massive medical bill and the trips to the hospital make the affliction even more taxing for people who do not have the resources to be able to afford skipping work for long duration a few times a week. The Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine is a great new innovation that can liberate people with kidney diseases from the trauma of being hooked to a dialysis machine for long durations.



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Mobilysis – dialysis made portable

Winner of the Distinction Award at the 2011 National Design Prize of Austria, the Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine was created in by a team comprising of designers Nico Strobel, Stefan Silberfeld, Dimitar Genov and Maria Gartner. The system allows patients to decide when and where they want to have a life-saving blood cleansing session.

The Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine features an infrared cleansing unit and a catheter connection integrated into a flexible belt that comes with a hard shell front and membrane compartments that contain dialysis fluid. The device can be controlled via a smartphone app which makes it even more customized and intuitive and easy to use. Hard buttons located on the device itself allow it to be used manually as well. The dialysis fluid is filtered in the technical section of the Mobilysis Portable Dialysis Machine after each peritoneal dialysis cycle to make it ready for the next cycle.

Source: Stefan Silberfeld

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