13 March 2012
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iAcoustic antique gramophone inspired iPhone/iPod Touch dock

Asmita Prasad:

The mother of all awesome steampunk creations aimed at the iPhone/iPod Touch, this antique gramophone dock for your i-gadgets really does offer you the best of both antique and modern luxuries. Dubbed the iAcoustic, the dock comes with a wood base and a real metal horn though the gizmo still functions like a modern acoustic amplifier. Offering a slightly different music output experience from what you would get from your ordinary speaker, the quality of its amplified sound takes users back to the ambiance of a bygone era.

Rebirth of Antique Gramophone

Rebirth of Antique Gramophone

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Rebirth of Antique Gramophone
Rebirth of Antique Gramophone for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Without using any external power sources, the iAcoustic uses the built-in speakers of the iPhone or iPod Touch and amps them up to around 60 decibels which is a remarkable audio output given how the amp works using just basic principles of acoustics.

The resonant, deep, warm and rich sound that the iAcoustic offers is a refreshing change from what a regular electronic amp speaker outputs. Using the built in audio source from an iDevice, the amp passes the sound through its solid wood base and wind instrument type horn to give the sound a dramatic richness that cannot be reproduced by an artificially made amp.

The wood base of the iAcoustic also comes with a path-through slot that can be used to fit a charge/sync cable to charge the iPhone/iPod touch while it is still docked. iAcoustic is compatible with most additional cases and bumpers for the iPod Touch and all versions of the iPhone as well.

Rebirth of Antique GramophoneRebirth of Antique Gramophone for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Source: aBITE Design

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