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Artifact watch tells time the alien way

Rohit Ram Singh:

Artifact is a unique watch designed by Peter from UK. Looking at the design one can easily say that it does not belong to this planet. Named “Artifact,” the designer has chosen the alien theme for the futuristic design. The idea of design is to make it look like a watch found from alien ruins of some other planet.

Artifact LED watch

Artifact LED watch

The watch fulfills the basic purpose of telling time with the help of its two triangular displays which could be either back lit LCD or LED. The first screen tells the hours in a digital analogue fashion. At the center of this screen it denotes PM. The second display shows minutes in similar manner.

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Artifact LED watch
Artifact LED watch is of alien origin by Peter

There is a touch sensitive control area on the watch that could be touched to activate the screens. To understand and figure out what changes would it bring to our lifestyle, we need human testing. But it is certain that people who like alien technology and concept are going to adore it. The time format is very easy to understand, yet stylish and unique. The designer has made the simple format look futuristic with the dual screen. A person can understand the format in a single look.

The only thing that stands between is the cost of manufacturing such high technology device. Another matter of concern is if people are going to buy it? And if yes then how big are the sales going to be? There has to be some working prototypes to test the effectiveness of the gadget in terms of utility and style. There has to be something great in the watch for people to prefer it over conventional time telling machines.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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