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Apple iBooks 2 to transform the textbook experience of kids

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Abdul Vahid V:

Apple is all set to revolutionize the textbook market with its new iBooks 2 for iPad tablets. Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller has announced iBooks 2 certainly a move to reinvent the textbook industry. The new version of iBooks will bring huge change in the way iPad is used in classrooms. As of now, millions of schools and other educational institutes make use of iPad. With iBooks 2, iPad will go more functional both for students and teachers.

Apple iBooks 2 textbook

Apple iBooks 2 textbook

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Apple iBooks 2 textbook
Apple’s new interactive textbooks

Apple intends to realize a more comfortable platform for kids to learn. “Kids are really going to love to learn with iBooks,” says Shriller, while announcing iBooks 2 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Handling textbooks on iBook 2 is a largely more interactive, searchable, portable and durable experience, says Apple. The app features huge count of textbooks with highly interactive features.

On iBooks 2, students have lots of high-end facilities. Apple iPad’s multi-touch gesture, portable size and good display are intelligently used to design iBooks 2 for a mesmeric textbook experience for kids. They can pinch to zoom images, watch videos related with textbooks, play useful games and do many other interactive activities.

There are advanced searching facilities as well on iBook 2, which can be downloaded for free of cost. To refer to dictionary, you just have to tap on a word. Apple also brought down the price of books to $14.99 or less to shun the long criticism of high price. Indeed, it will let student community have a highly interactive experience with their textbooks.

Via: Engadget

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